Dickinson Narrows


Our houses and little corner stores and cafes remain a viewpoint of American history, far more than other neighborhoods close-in to Center City. We are committed to preserving the past as we make room for the future. Being residents within the most historic square mile in the nation affords us unique responsibilities as custodians of our community. To ignore this responsibility for the sake of a quick build or repair creates unnecessary damage to the irreplaceable historic fabric of our community. A carefully cleaned and restored brick front not only adds value to the homeowner, but is beautiful.

Dickinson Narrows neighborhood

Because many of our homeowners have been here for decades, a number of homes still have original heart pine floors, carrera marble fireplaces, plaster walls and plaster crown molding--interior details that either no longer exist or are unaffordable. Some homes have sweeping cantilevered stairways that rise to the top floor without visible support. These hidden treasures are part of what makes Dickinson Narrows special.

Exterior decorative trim is abundant-a curlicue cornice here, a turned corner post there. Dickinson Narrows is perfect for walking or biking. Take notice of the craftsmanship from a hundred years ago, still relevant today.

We must continue to educate old neighbors and new friends, and new builders and investors to appreciate the simplistic beauty of brick and the rowhouse form. If we can achieve this in Dickinson Narrows, it would be an example for other areas seeking to improve their homes and create a neighborhood honoring the brick simplicity of that which came before us over a hundred and fifty years ago.