Dickinson Narrows

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Our houses remain a viewpoint of the American past. While this may seem trite to some, we are committed to salvaging the past as we make room for the future. Being residents within the most historic square mile in the nation affords us unique responsibilities as custodians of our community. To ignore this for the sake of modern aesthetics and quick fixes would be irresponsible at best and irrevocable at worst. Thus, painting historic brick structures rather than cleaning and restoring them has given us a topic for discussion.

Dickinson Narrows neighborhood

We must continue to educate our community to appreciate natural surfaces for their longevity as well as for their simplistic beauty. Quite frankly, maintaining the original appearance of these homes means never having to paint them again. If we can achieve this in Dickinson Narrows it would be an example for other areas seeking to improve their homes and create a neighborhood honoring the brick simplicity of that which came before us over a hundred and fifty years ago.