Dickinson Narrows


In 2006, having recognized that our community was unrepresented civically and that our surrounding blocks had shared concerns and challenges, several neighbors got together to form a civic association that would set as its mission

Dickinson Narrows door
  • A robust community dedicated to improving the quality of life for all its residents
  • A respect for history-both architectural and cultural
  • A firm embrace and celebration of diversity

While we've had numerous successes, we are still beset with enormous challenges. Few are more daunting than the city-block sized campus of the defunct Mt. Sinai Hospital which lies in the center of our community. We see it as a wonderful opportunity for Dickinson Narrows to support the creation of something special. Plans are underway to recover that block for rowhouse living.

While Mt. Sinai has been a nearly two decade challenge to development, we are optimistic because others now see what we see in Dickinson Narrows. Residents, and people who want to be residents, have and are coming together to re-invigorate what is the most diverse 16 block area in urban America. You will be hard pressed to find any street that represents as many cultures in so small an area. Some of us have lived here for months, others for decades. We come from as far as the Caribbean, Central America, Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and China. Others have been part of the fabric of Dickinson Narrows for generations. With Irish, Italian, German, English, Latino, Baltic, African American and Jewish communities having a traditional presence here, our newest neighbors have contributed to our diversity.

Our neighbors are as diverse professionally as they are culturally. With nurses, doctors, lawyers, theatre artists, craftspeople, architects, administrators, teachers, laborers and retirees to name a few, it is no wonder that we are fortunate in helping one another get things done.